Pharmacy Resources

Electronic prescription software provider processes


  1. Webinar recording – Fred IT – Beyond the Token
  2. Demo – pharmacist dispensing with Fred Dispense via MedView Flow (3.50 min)
  3. Demo – pharmacist dispensing with Fred NXT via MedView Flow (7 min)
  4. Demo- patient forwarding an ePrescription with MedView Flow (3.24 min)
  5. Demo – pharmacist dispensing forwarded ePrescription with Fred Dispense via MedView Flow (2 min)
  6. Fred Webhelp for pharmacists to activate e-prescription software
  7. Fred link on how to switch between pharmacists
  8. FRED Classic audit logs in-built reporting instructions via
  9. Fred NXT Dispense – general information and instruction
  10. ePrescriptions – information and instruction
  11. ePrescription Audit Report
  12. Give feedback on Medview Flow


  1. ePrescriptions Guide (audit log process is outlined on page 24)
  2. ePrescribing video
  3. ePrescribing FAQs
  4. Minfos – Pharmacist Maintenance Guide


  1. Corum eprescriptions

Z Software

  1. Z Dispense Release Notes
  2. Z Office Z Register Release Notes

Dispense Works

  1. Dispense Works electronic prescriptions guide
  2. Dispense Works Secure Login User Setup

PSA Resource page

  1. PSA electronic prescriptions
  2. PSA State legislation (including NSW S8 and S4B/D exemptions)

ADHA resources

  1. Digital Health Resource Library access
    1. User – pharmacy
    2. Password – digitalhealth
  2. Electronic Prescriptions Toolkit
  3. elearning modules
  4. Electronic Prescriptions Security and Access Policy
  5. Electronic Prescriptions Privacy Policy
  6. Electronic Prescriptions Data Usage Policy
  7. Electronic Prescriptions Conformance Register

What is the My Health Record system and what are the benefits?

  1. My Health Record website
  2. My Health Record benefits for health care professionals
  3. My Health Record YouTube case studies
  4. My Health Record webinars
  5. Electronic prescriptions explained
  6. Electronic prescriptions articles
  7. View examples of MHR documents:

Introductory things to know:

Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisations (HPI-O): unique identifier generated when the Organisation My Health Record registration occurs.

Healthcare Provider Identifier for Individuals (HPI-I): pharmacists registered with AHPRA can log-in and access their HPI-I.

What is the Seed Organisation, who is the RO and OMO? Understand the My Health Record roles and responsibilities.

How to set up the Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (note – this is not the same as electronic prescriptions)

Team training

My Health Record training:

Australian Digital Health Agency eLearning modules

Access On Demand Software Training simulators and demonstrations (note – User name = OnDemandTrainingUser. Password = TrainMe)

Access Clinical Software Summary Sheets or request My Health Record manuals from your software vendor.

Information to support your patients:

A range of information and brochures are available on the My Health Record website

Materials can be ordered online (note – User name = MHRE_Pharmacy. Password = myhealthrecord2018)

Data security

Security Behaviours paper

Full resource library access for subscribers only – Log-in (coming soon)

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